Best Place To Work: What Does it Mean?

Best Place To Work: What Does it Mean?

May 5, 2016

As Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Optimal Design, a tech innovation firm and strategic consultancy, I was proud to see we were recently named one of 2016 Best Places to Work in Illinois. But I couldn’t help but wonder, apart from the obvious recognition, what does it mean?

Many of us spend more than half our lives at work so it only seems fair we should ask ourselves the simple question, “What do I get out of it?” – beyond of course, a paycheck.

At Optimal Design, it has always been our goal to build a best in class brand and to service our clients who rank among the world’s leading innovators. But you can’t build a great brand if you don’t behave like one. Brand building isn’t a top down mandate, it’s an inside out story that’s always being told. We develop products for our clients yes, but our story is so much more, it’s about Advancing Human Ability.

And our employees tell this story every day. Look no further than the breakroom. Just yesterday, I came across an impromptu group building what looked like a high tech replica of an old mousetrap game. Their methods were as mixed as the people – an industrial designer, an electrical engineer, an innovation manager – they were engaged, debating, building, innovating and laughing. In other words, they were happy to be there. At work!

So, ‘What does it mean?’

For Optimal Design, it means we keep the same promise to our employees that we ask them to keep for our clients – to advance human ability, to become better, to innovate for life. It means our employees enjoy being here. They enjoy the process of innovation, for themselves and for our clients. Our employee experience ranks top in the state. And it’s no surprise. After countless innovations that have revolutionized how the world does business, when our employees tell our story, people listen.


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Joe Wascow, Co-Founder & CMO