Optimal Design Co. Leverages its Consumer Electronics Experience to Expand into Silicon Valley

Optimal Design Co. Leverages its Consumer Electronics Experience to Expand into Silicon Valley

Optimal Design Co. successfully engages new clients in the country’s hotbed of consumer electronics design and innovation.

Arlington Heights, IL  June 04, 2012

Optimal Design’s proven track record in developing new and innovative solutions, especially in the consumer electronics and mobile device industries, has allowed it to continue diversifying its client base in and around the Bay Area. As a vertically integrated product design and development firm, Optimal Design independently takes products from concept to production within compressed timelines.

“We’ve been developing state of the art mobile platforms since the 90’s and understand that time to market is critical. We’ve built both the knowledgebase and a talented team to efficiently drive innovation and differentiation in an often crowded and high turnover marketplace. Our clients appreciate the fact that we have a pulse on the trends in this industry as well as deep knowledge in developing mobile phones, tablets and other handhelds. We’re confident this unique experience will allow us to continue to increase our business in Silicon Valley,” says Joseph Wascow, CMO at Optimal Design.

About Optimal Design  Optimal Design is an award winning product development firm offering services from technology R&D, market definition, industrial design, engineering and production sourcing as a complete package or customized to the client. The firm offers this expertise specifically for the consumer/industrial electronics, medical device, green energy, house wares, and consumer durables industries.

Operating out of their headquarters in the Chicago suburbs, Optimal employs a creative staff of 25 researchers, designers, and engineers to assist clients in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the user experience. Involved in generating over 100 patents over the past 10 years, Optimal also has a proven track record in creating patentable I.P. that protects the client’s investment.

With a focus on the product’s end user and design for manufacturability, Optimal Design provides solutions that are successful in the marketplace at optimized margins.

Please contact us at info@optimaldesignco.com or visit our website at https://optimaldesignco.com.