Amyx McKinsey and Optimal Design Streamline Process for Wearables and IoT Makers

Amyx McKinsey and Optimal Design Streamline Process for Wearables and IoT Makers

Launching wearables and the Internet of Things hardware and services just got easier with the help of Amyx McKinsey and Optimal Design.

San Francisco, CA, October 2, 2015 – Industry-leader Amyx McKinsey, a wearables and IoT strategy and execution agency, and Optimal Design, a technology-focused research and product development firm, announced a strategic partnership to streamline the process for hardware makers, startups, and Fortune 500 companies to rapidly prototype and mass produce the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables products.

Wearables and the IoT are rapidly altering the landscape of everyday life, fashioning innovative paths to wellness, productivity, and creativity. Wearables and the IoT are affecting more than step counts and heart rates—every industry is being changed through the use of the information gathered from IoT devices and sensors. For example, medical technology is already seeing the benefits of smart devices that can help regulate blood sugar and deliver accurate patient information quickly. The entertainment industry, known for its edgy graphics, is getting a boost from sensors and optimal technology that create a total immersion experience. Industrial manufacturing is getting a boost from IoT sensors that help provide clearer pictures of warehouse activities. The relatively new field of the IoT is opening up to the development of life-enhancing devices and apps targeted at enriching everyday activities and solving complex problems.

Providing a Map to Success

Amyx McKinsey’s focus on strategy, advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and implementation has provided numerous global companies and startups with the support and platform needed to succeed with wearables and the IoT. “Companies are recognizing the 10x potential of wearables and the IoT to fundamentally transform their business models, product portfolio, and even internal operations but many struggle with developing a holistic strategic framework that can help address and substantiate the why, what, who, when and how with hard quantifiable metrics. We lead our strategy engagements with an empirical approach to empower stakeholders with the necessary data analytics and customer insights to help them to make informed, prudent decisions. We then steward the process from strategy formulation to the entire prototype to manufacturing lifecycle,” explained Scott Amyx, founder and CEO of Amyx McKinsey.

Optimal Design, an award-winning design and development company, is known for its thorough approach to technology innovation. Optimal Design’s portfolio includes The Void’s VR system, Motorola 360 smartwatch, and medical devices such as the ISS Oximeter that acquires patient data for analytics on the cloud. “Our background in developing IoT and wearable electronics meshes well with their deep knowledge in strategy development and implementation,” noted Sajid Patel, CEO and Co-Founder, Optimal Design. “We’re excited about bringing this synergy to the IoT and wearables markets.”

“We partner with our clients to not only push the envelope but to lead the market in their respective industries.” SCOTT AMYX, CEO OF AMYX MCKINSEY

Experienced Guides

The new partnership offers better support for innovators through the combined experience of the companies. Optimal Design has been providing mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineering services for over 15 years. Scott Amyx is a well-known thought leader in the area of wearables and the IoT. With over 18 years of large-scale strategy and implementation experience across multiple verticals, Amyx is also a highly-sought-after speaker—one of Speaking.com’s top 25 speakers— and has significant startup involvement. He is supported by a team of PhDs and management consultants who have depth and years of experience ranging from strategy, data science, AI/ machine learning, biochemistry, corporate finance to marketing. Amyx McKinsey’s work has appeared in numerous industry research and publications, such as Forrester, Wired, InformationWeek, IEEE, TIME, and academic publications.

Support for Innovation

“We partner with our clients to not only push the envelope but to lead the market in their respective industries,” Amyx said. Amyx McKinsey’s clients dot the globe and get the support they need for entering a market—and then leveraging their platforms towards greater success. Patel noted that “A lot of times, clients come to us and they don’t know the specifications—but they know what they want.” It is not always possible to understand the nature of wearables and IoT device development and strategy, so getting support from industry leaders gives innovators the edge they need in a highly competitive economy.

About Amyx McKinsey

Amyx McKinsey is a leader in the area of wearables and the IoT. Founded by startup veteran Scott Amyx, Amyx McKinsey provides strategy and implementation to companies bringing innovative and life-altering devices and applications to market. Amyx was a Sloan Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University and has appeared as an expert speaker at numerous conferences. His work can be found at Forrester, Wired, InformationWeek, IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, IEEE Technology, and Society Magazine, Wearable Technologies Magazine, TIME, TechBeacon, and other major global publications. Amyx now leverages his experience from his past life as the VP of Product Management at a large company and successful startup ventures to help others thrive in the area of wearables and the IoT. More information can be found at www.amyxmckinsey.com.