Hospira iSecure Syringe


Hospira partnered with Optimal Design to develop a tamper-proof syringe using a first-of-its-kind, three-shot molding process, with the third shot providing the revolutionary tamper proof feature. This award-winning product incorporated extensive use of color to show users key touch points and operations. The new, advanced three-shot tamper-proof system required a slightly different mode of operation from a standard syringe.


Hospira tasked Optimal Design with three main challenges: minimize manufacturing costs, create a tamper-proof feature for increased security, and build an easy-to-use product that clearly communicates to patients how it should be opened and operated.


To ensure maximum safety, the Optimal Design team designed the syringe to clearly communicate in a few easy and intuitive steps, how it should be deployed. Colors with high contrast and high visibility were deliberately chosen to eliminate any possible confusion in utility. A light green and a deep violet were chosen, not only because they suited the aesthetics of a clinical environment, but more importantly, for their ability to be discerned by those who experience color blindness.

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