ISS Oximeter


Optimal Design teamed up with ISS to design the next-generation Oximeter, a device which that measures oxygen levels in a patient’s blood. Prior to redesign, the device was connected to a laptop, which caused constrained mobility and whose deployment was limited by a medical cart.


Optimal Design was tasked to consolidate multiple pieces of equipment into one ergonomic, user-friendly and mobile device, able to be transferred between patient rooms. Due to outmoded technology and a much-needed redesign, the ISS Oximeter required extensive innovation, drawing upon Optimal Design’s knowledge and expertise of advanced materials and manufacturing processes.


Starting with repacking the internal components, Optimal Design engineering and industrial design teams worked in concert to arrive at a solution that consolidated a laptop, touchscreen, power supply, photon emitter and collection system into an ergonomic and approachable-looking device. The result? An Oximeter that can be carried by doctors and nurses from room to room using one hand, making their already difficult job a bit simpler.

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