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Imagine being able to perform one of the world’s most dangerous and technically difficult stunts with little to no training, no parachuting experience, no cost for equipment and setup, and no risk of death trying to pull it off. What would you do (and how much would it cost) for such an experience?

Jump uses the latest cutting edge technology to provide an incredible, unique, and immersive hyper-reality experience that is both adrenaline charged and thrilling. Get ready to make the JUMP!


Head-worn gear presents a particular set of challenges that are not a part of design considerations for other wearables. Size, weight distribution, balance, and fit are of paramount importance for the end user. The variability of the human head in terms of shape, profiles of the nose, forehead and cheekbones requires a large amount of adjustability for a perfect fit. The JUMP helmet also needed to fit a massive amount of technology in a manner that maintains the helmet form, ergonomics, and is also highly manufacturable. Also, the demanding nature of location based experiences open 16 hours a day seven days a week in an environment that requires cleanability for hygiene and quick donning of gear presented additional challenges. Having prior experience in integration of technology in AR/VR helmets, the Optimal Design team was up to the task!


The Optimal Design team developed a helmet with head tracking, VR displays, custom audio and eye/gaze tracking as well as biometrics, all loaded into an incredibly compelling design. The helmet still maintains the look of a typical wingsuit design, but packed with technology to take the experience into the future. Innovations in implementation of the tech included a new mechanism that allows for easy adjustment of interpupillary distance (IPD), lens focus, volume adjustments, and a unique face shield construction to deliver a stunning appearance. Also, we devised new methods in helmet design to reduce weight and improve comfort. The helmet’s architecture was also built in an innovative construction that allows for future capabilities. We’re excited and honored to be an integral part of JUMP’s launch and look.

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