Liteband Wide Beam LED Headlamps

Liteband Wide Beam LED Headlamps


After many months of user research, Optimal Design identified a unique opportunity in the market for innovation and advancements in head mounted lights. Most headlamps are oversized, bulky, and sit off the front of the head, making it uncomfortable to wear and providing only a small spot of usable light. In contrast, the majority of users require a broader area of light to illuminate their surroundings for maximum visibility. Whether it’s typical day-to-day work around the house, taking the dog for a walk, or performing vehicle maintenance, Optimal Design discovered an effective headlamp design would be one that is low-profile, comfortable, and lights up a wide peripheral in front of the user for maximum viewing capacity. Out of this the Liteband concept was born, to challenge and compete with the status quo of headlamps today.


“We’ve always done it this way” are the six most painful words for an innovative engineering team. For decades, the design of headlamps have remained mostly unchanged with very little thought or imagination given to improving the user experience. Optimal Design sought out to disrupt the headlamp space by updating every aspect of what a modern headlamp should be. Functionality, usability, comfort, performance, and weight. By improving these five areas, Optimal Design accepted the challenge to create a versatile yet utilitarian application.


Thoughtful use of modern LED lighting paired with the comfort of a sports headband make for an innovative yet practical approach. Battery power consumption is heavily reduced, ergonomic benefits make it comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time, and the compact, low-profile design ensures Liteband is an easy fit into almost any pocket for on-the-go use. With up to 1000 lumens, this innovative headband will illuminate any dark or hard to see workspace.

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