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Iconic, flippable design meets 5G speed in the new motorola razr. With two fully capable screens, razr is proof that great things happen when opposites come together. Revolutionary material allows the gorgeous 6.2” OLED display to fold in half, fitting comfortably in your palm or pocket. Precision-crafted metal and glass add a modern look to the iconic design. Optimal Design contributed our vast expertise in mobile design and engineering as well as our background in mechanism design to develop this unique and incredible new form factor in the smartphone space!


The reliability of a foldable screen and a mechanism that allows for a pocketable and usable smartphone was the central challenge on the motorola razr. Packaging an incredibly complex mechanism, ensuring its reliability and durability, and providing support for the flexible screen were all part of the efforts undertaken by the Optimal Team. We also assisted in component design, z-stack analysis, and RF & antenna design. Particularly in regards to 5G mmWave, the RF antenna design on a foldable phone requires careful consideration and design experience in order to achieve optimal performance demanded by wireless carriers and end users. The OD team rose to the challenges and helped Motorola successfully launch this amazing device.


The Optimal team assisted Motorola in developing the innovative hinge mechanism, antenna design and the overall packaging of this unique form factor. In addition, innovative material selection and engineering was completed in order to achieve the aesthetic, ruggedness, and RF performance required for this device. Optimal’s experience in packaging a lot in a very small space enabled Motorola to achieve an incredibly thin form factor and a design aesthetic that speaks to the world class nature of this device.

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