Baking Just Got Sweeter

Oster Hand Mixer with HeatSoft Technology


Newell Brands sought to innovate in the consumer cooking space and engaged Optimal Design to deliver a new-to-world technology solution for their Oster brand, known for their long-lasting products and revolutionizing kitchen innovations. Optimal Design spearheaded a comprehensive R&D initiative to develop the Oster Hand Mixer with HeatSoft Technology. The next-generation mixer releases gentle, warm air during the mixing process to help soften ingredients, bringing them to room temperature – 12 times faster than the traditional method of leaving ingredients on the counter for 30 minutes. Our team of product experts worked tirelessly to develop the patented Heatsoft Technology and help Oster leapfrog the competition.


Many baking recipes call for ingredients to be at room temperature, requiring home bakers to either plan ahead and leave ingredients on the counter to warm, or microwave them, which can compromise final results. To gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, the Oster team needed a technology solution to solve this century-old consumer baking issue.


The Oster Hand Mixer with Heatsoft Technology leverages an advanced thermal element design, optimized heated air path, and a magnetic nozzle system to bring high-tech to the kitchen. The Optimal Design team developed, prototyped, and tested a variety of technology concepts to ultimately bring the validated Heatsoft Technology to market.

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