Singer SE300 Sewing Machine


Optimal Design was selected as the exclusive design partner of Singer after an extensive vetting process featuring firms from around the world. Singer entrusted Optimal Design with over 100 years of heritage to create the Visual Brand Language for their next 10 years of sewing machines.


An established legacy brand, Singer needed a refresh through a partner who could breathe life back into the aesthetic appeal of their sewing machines. With years of disjointedness between product “looks” and lackluster appeal, Singer recognized the opportunity to update and unify its visual brand strategy in concert with design experts who not only knew exactly what Singer needed, but had the technical chops to make it happen.


As evidenced by Optimal Design’s ongoing work with Singer, it’s readily apparent why Optimal Design remains a valuable asset to this global company. By vastly improving the user experience through research and investigation, developing a more robust and global user interface, advanced engineering incorporating human factors, and generating an 80-page visual brand language guide, Optimal Design continues to deliver innovative, award-winning designs and brand strategies for Singer.

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