The VOID - Virtual Reality System


The VOID selected Optimal Design as the exclusive technology partner to develop the first completely immersive and untethered virtual reality system. The system features state of the art proprietary hardware and software designed entirely by Optimal Design to overlay a virtual environment onto real-world objects. Our team of technologists took our partners idea from a whiteboard concept to an internationally deployed system.


The VR industry was heavily dependent on the use of high-power computers through a mess of cables to process intensive VR content.  To differentiate themselves in a rapidly growing industry The VOID needed an ergonomic and intuitive family of physical products with highly technical hardware and software systems capable of processing VR content on-device.


The Void system embodies the next evolution of immersive VR with the Rapture Head Mounted Display, Haptic Vest/Backtop, and Blaster Weapon System. The components communicate wirelessly and leverage cutting-edge technologies including haptic engines, OLED displays, proprietary tracking algorithms, and custom optics to create unparalleled hyper-realistic VR experiences.

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