Optimal Design

Liteband Wide Beam LED Headlamps

Optimal Design developed Liteband’s powerful, low profile line of headlamps. The stylish, ergonomic, patented design was developed from early concept to production with the user in mind. Whether working all day, playing outside, or doing chores around the house, the headlamp provides 210 degrees of illumination, so nothing will be missed. Product Highlights Powerful LED… [Read More]

The VOID – Virtual Reality System

The VOID selected Optimal Design as the exclusive technology partner to develop the first completely immersive and untethered virtual reality system. The VOID needed an ergonomic and intuitive family of physical products with highly technical hardware and software systems capable of processing VR content on-device and we delivered. Product Highlights Immerse VR with Rapture Head… [Read More]


When the team at JUMP selected Optimal as its design and hardware partner, we knew pushing engineering limits would be part of the mission. Design and development of the head mounted display’s unique form factor required our team to dig deep and leverage all of its VR and ergonomic experience. Product Highlights VR HMD in… [Read More]

Leela Wrist-top Wearable

An Optimal Design original, Leela is a wearable touchscreen device that is large enough to be easy to use while slim enough to stay out of the way. Leela is very clever, packing a world of information at your fingertips while leaving your hands free to do what you do best. Leela’s complexity reflects the… [Read More]

Gaming Headphones

Optimal Design was selected as the development partner for a next-generation premium gaming headphone reference design. Marrying a bold industrial design with a combination of new technologies was put in place to reinvent the ultimate gaming experience. Product Highlights Customizable RGB LED lighting Haptics Intuitive capacitive touch controls VIEW CASE STUDY

Mira Wellness Wearable

Mira, an Omron Health owned startup, reached out to Optimal Design to help them blur the lines between fashion and technology. Optimal Design collaborated with Mira through early concept design efforts to sourcing and design transfer to create a bracelet that keeps women’s health in mind. Product Highlights Smart technology Durable Versatile VIEW CASE STUDY

Moto360 G2 Smart Watch

Optimal Design’s collaboration with Motorola on the 360 G2 builds on our historic partnership with the communications company and our expertise in both mobile electronics and wearable design. Working together, our goal was to deliver a best-in-class smartwatch experience that fused both form and function. Product Highlights Edge-to-edge glass Exceptionally thin and polished bezel Large… [Read More]

Proxfinity Smart Badge Wearable

Proxfinity contracted Optimal Design for the development of their first product, the Proxfinity Smart Badge. The device is the first of its kind: a wearable-focused on facilitating networking at business events. The Optimal Design team lead the program from early user research and prototyping to a production-ready design. Product Highlights Wearable Wireless technology Algorithms VIEW… [Read More]

Smartwatch Wearable Activity Tracker

In the infancy of the wearable industry, Optimal Design was enlisted to develop a reference design for a fashion-forward wearable activity tracker. Our background in consumer electronic design and knowledge in the wearable space made us the perfect partner for the project. Product Highlights BLE technologies Accelerometer Heart rate senor packaged into a compact footprint… [Read More]