How Important are a Product’s Aesthetics?

How Important are a Product’s Aesthetics?

Consider this.  A study performed by the Hitachi Design Center found that more beautiful appearing products were perceived to be easier to use than those that had less visual appeal. This was true even if the user had more difficulty interacting with the more visually appealing design.

What does this mean for your product?  A customer is at the store, looking to buy a new device.  On display is your company’s well engineered device with a no-frills appearance and your competitor’s product that is NOT well engineered but has a refined and elegant look.  That customer is going to grab the competitor’s product based on the assumption that it’s easier to use simply because it looks good (Keep in mind that about 30% of your brain is dedicated to processing and making decisions based on visual information.)!  In addition, even if they have trouble interacting with the competitor’s device, they’ll be far more forgiving because of its visual appeal.  At Optimal Design, we recognize this intrinsic value of good industrial design and take pride in integrating it with our robust engineering capabilities.

When looking for a product development partner, select a firm that will keep the aesthetics in mind when you’re ready to launch your next great innovation!

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Posted by:
Patrick McVey, Industrial Designer at Optimal Design