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Built for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Bringing a successful connected device to market requires a multi-disciplined team of technologists. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop industry disruptive products for a wide range of connected solutions, from wearables and home automation, to next generation intelligent healthcare devices. Whether it’s bringing your existing product into the digital age, or developing a “new to the world” connected product, our team of industry experts are up for the challenge.


IoT Services

  • Market research and opportunity definition
  • User experience and interaction design
  • Connected ecosystem and data strategy
  • Wireless development (BLE, WiFi, Z-Wave, LoRa, Cellular)
  • Custom RF/Antenna systems
  • Electronics design for low and high volume
  • Technology roadmap development
  • Wireless charging systems
  • Sensor development and integration
  • Mobile app development
  • Device provisioning and authentication strategy
  • Cloud integration
  • Production scaling

Multidisciplinary Connected Innovation

Optimal Design’s teams have been purpose built to innovate within the Internet of Things space. We are not just a design firm, we are a strategic partner who takes full accountability for all aspects of development on your IoT initiative. Our teams of industry experts have been carefully assembled and co-located to enable real-time collaboration and design efficiency. Each one of our teams play an integral role in delivering successful disruptive products and technologies to the marketplace.

Industrial Design

Our Industrial Design teams develop meaningful user experiences and visceral product interactions for even the most technology intensive products.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering teams have the know-how and experience to develop everything from lightweight, ultra thin wearables to ruggedized devices which meet the most stringent of military specifications.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical teams develop custom electrical solutions for each unique IoT project,  from low-power consumer wearables that charge wirelessly, to energy saving intelligent appliances for the connected home.

Software Engineering

Our software engineering teams develop nimble and robust device systems tailored specifically for the selected hardware components with a focus data security.

RF Engineering

Optimizing range, reception, and signal integrity are all essential for delivering a successful connected product.  Our RF engineering teams capture wireless product requirements and deliver cost-effective solutions through a variety of design approaches including module, chipset, and custom wireless systems.


Our prototyping teams work closely with our engineering teams to streamline the development process and decrease time to market, giving our partners a strategic advantage in getting connected products market faster than their competition.


Leverage our IoT Platform

As a leader in developing connected solutions, we’ve channeled our expertise into a comprehensive and customizable platform that allows our partners to prototype, develop, and connect products faster than ever! Download our PDF.


Power RS-485, Plug in DC
Power/ Battery Real-Time Clock In Micro, Battery Back-up RTC Circuit
Cloud Hosting AWS, Azure, and Oracle
Cloud Application Yes
Over-The-Air Firmware Updates Yes
Over-The-Air Configuration Yes
App Libraries Web, iOS and Android
Smart Home Integration Homekit, Smart Things, Nest
Connectivity WiFi, BLE, Cellular, Z-Wave, LoRa
Connection Recovery Automatic
Security TLS/SSL
Sensing Temp, Accelerometer, Humidity, Acoustic, and Custom Config
Fault Reporting to cloud Application Specific (Push Notifications, Alerts, and More)
Factory Provisioning of loT Hardware Keys Stored in Hardware and Cloud
Device Persistent Storage Schedules and Logs

Why Is Security Important

As IoT devices continue to be deployed in the market, the need for these devices to be secure is increasing. Hackers are accessing IoT devices to:

    • steal personal data, such as health data from a wearable
    • access cameras inside user’s homes, i.e., hijacking the video stream from a baby monitor
    • load botnets on IoT devices for malicious intents, i.e., Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
    • gain access to cloud systems with sensitive information, such as user’s credit card account numbers

As part of Optimal Design’s design process, security is addressed from the very beginning of your project. Security is not an afterthought that is added at the end of your project.

Security solutions created by Optimal Design consist of a collection of technologies, such as:

    • data encryption
    • authentication
    • industry standard key exchange algorithms
    • secure key storage
    • physical device security
    • unique user name / pass codes per device

5 Key Requirements for IoT Project Success

  1. Determine Your Roadmap

    Knowing desired outcomes and having a strategy in advance is key to any successful program. Optimal Design empowers you to think big, while preventing big disappointments down the road.

  2. Identify The Right Partner

    Innovation within IoT calls for a spectrum of integrated, highly specialized, talent that is not easily found within the industry. Optimal Design’s in-house design and engineering teams have the experience required to successfully bring your product to market.

  3. Define a Path to the Cloud

    Determining which wireless technology is best for your device is an important decision. Our teams have assisted many organizations to develop their IoT strategy, as well as build the pathway from the device to data analytics.

  4. Use Only the Best Cloud Platform

    Gathering data at the device level is hard enough. Managing the data in a secure and scalable environment is equally as challenging. Optimal Design can help you identify the right cloud platform for monitoring, control, and data collection ensuring you have the right partner for your specific business case. Its important that the platform delivers availability, reliability, and performance for the most demanding IoT applications. We work with only the best in the business.

  5. Zero Excuses

    IoT programs require multiple teams operating in sync and collaborating hand in hand to successfully reach the finish line. As your premier end to end solution provider, Optimal Design will take the lead and full accountability for your program’s success.


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