Kaliber Imaging, Inc. Becomes the First Company to Join Optimal Design’s In-House Technology Advancement Program

Kaliber Imaging, Inc. Becomes the First Company to Join Optimal Design’s In-House Technology Advancement Program

Kaliber Imaging, Inc. Becomes the First Company to Join Optimal Design
Co.’s In-House Technology Advancement Program

Kaliber Imaging’s engineering team takes up residence at Optimal Design’s headquarters to develop their innovative technology, speed time to market, and streamline overhead.

October 23, 2012








Optimal Design is proud to announce that Kaliber Imaging, a medical technology developer, will be the first company to utilize our in-house technology advancement program. Judith Reinhold, President of Kaliber Imaging, Inc. states “We’re very enthusiastic and pleased to be collaborating with Optimal Design. They have a compelling history of successful product development and the vertically integrated capabilities for large scope projects such as ours. We will be working through each stage of development hand in hand with Optimal Design with the end goal being a marketable product. This partnership greatly reduces the high risk of all the knowledge being confined to the inventor. The collaboration also instills confidence in our investors since we now have access to the expertise and equipment necessary to fully realize our technology.”
Sajid Patel, C.E.O. of Optimal Design Co. states “We recognize that the next great innovation doesn’t necessarily take place at large multi-national corporations. People are the engines of ideas but often face technical hurdles that are outside of their expertise or lack the manpower and equipment necessary to fully develop their innovation. This is why we offer an In-house Technology Advancement Program that enables these great ideas the long runway they need to get off the ground.” The incubator like environment can be used to develop a proof of concept to demo in front of potential investors or take a funded idea from inception to production. The “in-house” nature of the program lets the startup easily leverage Optimal Design’s talent, processes and facilities. This is key in the early stages and allows the startups to focus on what matters most, their innovation.


About Optimal Design
Optimal Design is an award winning product development firm offering services from technology R&D, industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, prototyping as well as production sourcing. The firm offers this expertise specifically for the consumer/industrial electronics, medical device, green energy, military, housewares, and consumer durables industries.

Operating out of their headquarters in the Chicago suburbs, Optimal Design employs a creative staff of 30 industrial designers and engineers to assist clients in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the user experience. Involved in generating over 150 patents over the past 10 years, Optimal Design also has a proven track record in creating patentable intellectual property that protects the client’s investment.

With a focus on the product’s end user and design for manufacturability, Optimal Design provides innovative solutions that are successful in the marketplace at optimized margins.

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About Kaliber Imaging, Inc.
Kaliber Imaging, Inc. includes a team of experts from the scientific, medical and business communities with a combined focus on developing a state of the art mobility assessment system. The team is led by Dr. Ralph Reinhold, Director of Technology and Development and Co-Founder of Kaliber Imaging.

The goal is to develop a cost-effective, user-friendly portable device that will objectively measure gait, balance and range of motion in order to address issues of fall risk in the elderly, rehabilitation, disability and more.

Kaliber Imaging, Inc. is proud to have received a number of grants and Awards, including a National Science Foundation SBIR Phase 1 Grant, and a Small Business Development Center Grant. Kaliber Imaging also has been accepted as a pro bono client at the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Website: http://www.kaliberimaging.com