Optimal Design Partners with THE VOID to Develop Virtual Reality Technology

Optimal Design Partners with THE VOID to Develop Virtual Reality Technology

Cutting-Edge Hardware and Software Blend Virtual Reality with the User’s Physical Environment

(Arlington Heights, IL) Award-winning product development firm Optimal Design announced today it will be the technology development partner for THE VOID LLC’s self-titled virtual entertainment center (VEC). The VEC promises to deliver a more immersive, realistic experience for gaming enthusiasts than anything currently existing in the marketplace today.

THE VOID will feature state-of-the-art, proprietary hardware and software that overlay a virtual environment onto real-world objects, with further 4D enhancements such as wind, rain, scents and more. “By combining virtual and physical environments, we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the virtual reality pack,” said James Jensen, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of THE VOID. “More than watching a movie or playing a game, THE VOID will allow guests to truly live virtually any adventure.”

“We are fulfilling a promise of what a virtual reality experience can and should be,” stated Ken Bretschneider, CEO and co-founder of THE VOID. “Until now, we have only seen experiences like the ones soon to be available at THE VOID portrayed in science fiction film and novels. Our team is ecstatic to bring that dream to life. We truly believe it’s the future of entertainment.”

Optimal Design’s deep expertise in the integration of product design, engineering and technology—with specific experience in the wearable devices and mobile products industries—makes it the perfect partner for THE VOID, stated Optimal Design CEO and co-founder Sajid Patel. “We bring the know-how that is essential to the development of THE VOID’s virtual reality headset and haptic vest,” explained Patel. “We’re thrilled to take part in Ken Bretschneider’s vision and desire to deliver technology that is on the cutting edge of the virtual reality industry.”

To see THE VOID in action, visit http://thevoid.com. To learn more about the product development services Optimal Design offers, visit https://optimaldesignco.com.

ABOUT Optimal Design
Optimal Design is an award-winning product development firm specializing in the design and engineering of Mobile Products, Virtual Reality Systems and devices for the Internet of Things.   Optimal’s integrated and in-house services include technology R&D, industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, RF design, prototyping and production sourcing. With a key role in over 150 patents over the past 15 years, Optimal brings a proven track record in creating patentable intellectual property that protects the client’s investment. Optimal focuses on designing for manufacturability and success in the marketplace at optimized margins. Please contact info@optimaldesignco.com or visit https://optimaldesignco.com to learn more.


THE VOID LLC, through its innovative VR technologies and collaborative content creation, is leading the world towards a new form of entertainment, where you not only watch a movie or play a game—you live it. Virtual Entertainment Centers (VECs) will soon be located in all major cities, both domestic and international. To learn more about THE VOID’s Virtual Entertainment Centers (VECs), VR technology and innovative content, visit http://thevoid.com.