Optimal Design and THE VOID to Premier Cinematic Virtual Reality Experience at Prestigious TED World Conference

Optimal Design and THE VOID to Premier Cinematic Virtual Reality Experience at Prestigious TED World Conference

In an exclusive partnership, Optimal Design develops groundbreaking technology with Utah based Virtual Reality company THE VOID who will debut mind blowing blended reality experience at prestigious TED Conference in Vancouver.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9 A.M. CDT, February 1, 2016 (Arlington Heights, IL) Award winning product development and tech consulting firm Optimal Design announced today their Virtual Reality innovation that powers THE VOID’s blended reality experience will debut at the TED2016 world conference on “Technology, Entertainment and Design” to be held in Vancouver, BC this February.

“This is truly innovation unleashed,” says Joe Wascow, Chief Marketing Officer and Founder at Optimal Design. “Together with our partners at THE VOID we have created a virtual reality experience you can actually touch and feel.” This unprecedented innovation can best be described as a blended reality experience that combines physical space and virtual worlds like never before.

“It transports users to other dimensions,” explains Wascow. “Allowing them to sense their virtual space as though their everyday reality has fallen away – whether a soft breeze on your face, a sudden rush of a wind, or the heat from a flame – no detail goes untouched, no adventure unlived.” Optimal Design engineered the “Rapture” hardware that powers the experience – both the Rapture Head Mounted Display and the Rapture Haptic Vest – two innovations that make this undertaking possible and will change the Virtual Reality landscape forever.

Initial pilots have been met with wondrous enthusiasm and Optimal Design expects to see the technology take off in 2016 with THE VOID’s first Virtual Reality center opening later this year. “It’s not your typical day at the park and we can’t wait to unveil to the world what we have been working on,” says Wascow with understandable excitement. Optimal Design has always used its impressive tech expertise and knowledge of product development to help their clients succeed and this partnership is no exception.

“What began as a challenge to fulfill THE VOID’s bold vision has turned into a rallying passion. We come to work each day excited to push the boundaries of innovation in support of their goals,” Wascow says of the partnership. “First to The World is our forte and working with partners like THE VOID who at their core see the world in infinite dimensions is so rewarding.”

Optimal Design is known for creating some of the most innovative and commercially successful products ever seen. “It just makes sense,” explains Wascow. “People want new experiences, but they don’t always have the opportunity or budgets to access them. This technology puts adventure into the hands of the everyday user, opening minds and changing perspectives, and that’s just the beginning of what it can accomplish. We can’t think of a better partner than THE VOID or a better venue than TED to showcase this groundbreaking vision.”