Optimal Design Wins Prestigious International Design Award

Optimal Design Wins Prestigious International Design Award

Chicago, United States of America, March 11, 2013

The ISS Oximeter developed by Optimal Design in coordination with ISS Medical has recently won the prestigious A’ Design Award. The portable unit can be used to monitor premature infants, sleep apnea patients, epilepsy patients as well as other applications where measurement of oxygen content in tissue is required. This revolutionary non-invasive device is recognized for its meaningful impact to the medical monitoring market.

ISS Oxiplex Design Award

Optimal Design’s Creativity in Elegant Design and Engineering Reason for the Award
The device won this prestigious award because of its intuitive design, portability, and the sound engineering practices needed for durability and thermal management. Optimal Design’s deep experience in both the medical and consumer markets allowed the firm to develop a product that was user friendly and built for use and abuse. The design is also manufacturable and easy to test prior to final assembly, minimizing rework on the production line. This holistic approach to product development is a strength at Optimal Design.

“Blending elegant and useful design with robust engineering is at the core of what we do at Optimal Design. We’re proud to receive this award and thank the jurors at A’ Design Award for their recognition. We believe our experience in the medical and consumer markets will continue to deliver cutting edge product designs such as the Oximeter.” Says Sajid Patel, C.E.O. and Principal at Optimal Design.

About Optimal Design
About Optimal Design Optimal Design is an award winning product development firm offering services from technology R&D, industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, prototyping as well as production sourcing. The firm offers this expertise specifically for the consumer/industrial electronics, medical device, green energy, military, house wares, and consumer durables industries. Operating out of their headquarters in the Chicago suburbs, Optimal Design is vertically integrated, employing a creative staff of 30 researchers, designers, and engineers to assist clients in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the user experience. Involved in generating over 150 patents over the past 10 years, Optimal also has a proven track record in creating patentable intellectual property that protects the client’s investment. With a focus on the product’s end user and design for manufacturability, Optimal Design provides innovative solutions that are successful in the marketplace at optimized margins. Please contact us at info@optimaldesignco.com or visit our website: https://optimaldesignco.com.

About ISS

Since 1984, ISS has been committed to the development and design of highly sensitive scientific instrumentation for research, clinical and industrial applications. Over the years, our innovations introduced to research-grade fluorescence instrumentation generated a second product line for medical applications. In 1992, ISS started a project with the research group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign headed by Prof. Enrico Gratton and aimed at understanding the behavior of fluorophores in scattering and turbid media; the goal was the development of an instrument suitable for the non-invasive measurements of metabolites in the human body. As a result of this collaboration, ISS introduced a non-invasive Tissue Oximeter for the measurement of the absolute oxygen concentration in tissues, called OxiplexTS. The first prototype of the instrument was completed in 1998; about one hundred units of OxiplexTS have been installed worldwide so far. A second instrument, Imagent, utilized for the mapping of activated brain areas, was added in 2001. Both products have been developed with the generous contribution of The National Institutes of Health through the SBIR program and today they are successfully marketed worldwide by our division ISS Medical, fully dedicated to the development of instrumentation for medical applications.

ISS instruments are installed in universities and corporations worldwide. Our customers include several major universities, corporations, hospitals and research institutions across the globe, including, in the United States, The Mayo Foundation, the VA Administration, The National Institute of Standards and Technology, The National Institutes of Health, Oak Ridge National Laboratories and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).