First Alert – Smoke Detector

First Alert reached out to Optimal Design to develop their next generation connected Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detector for their OneLink suite of connected home security products. This OneLink offering is the world’s first Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detector to feature Amazon Alexa voice command capabilities and Apple HomeKit integration. Optimal Design developed the hardware and firmware that powers the OneLink Ecosystem and engineered a connectivity strategy to ensure all First Alert products work seamlessly together in a safe manner. Optimal Design’s approach to the Internet of Things puts security at the forefront, providing robust connected product solutions that users can trust.



  • Hardware design and validation
  • Firmware and software development
  • Wireless module and sensor integration
  • Connectivity strategy implementation
  • Apple HomeKit and Alexa Voice Services Integration


Program Highlights

  • Hardware design and firmware development for sensors including temperature, humidity, CO2, and smoke
  • Wireless module integration and firmware development for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Power studies and implementation of low power software strategy
  • Integration of Alexa Voice Services and Alexa Skills Kit
  • Apple HomeKit Authentication chip implementation
  • Management of Apple HomeKit Approval process