Cabela’s Instinct Wingman Decoy


Cabela‚Äôs Instinct Wingman Decoy has launched and is set to take water foul hunting to an entirely new level. More than three years of extensive engineering and field-testing went into creating the most realistic motion decoy ever produced. Optimal Design worked closely with Cabela’s to develop the system of electronics and mechanics found in the patented mechanism which doesn’t just flap like other decoys, it oscillates the wings at a speed and pattern identical to a live bird. The decoy’s wings flap up and down 90 degrees and pivots 90 degrees at the same time creating a bi-axial wing motion that perfectly mimics the anatomical wing beat of a mallard. The IP rated gearbox, multi-function remote control with 50 yard range, and incredible realism, make this the most advanced water foul decoy on the planet. Period.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the mechanism that makes the realistic wing beat possible: