C by GE

Optimal Design partnered with Quirky to help develop the C by GE wireless light bulbs. These are General Electric’s first connected light bulb to feature Bluetooth Mesh wireless technology. The integration of Bluetooth, as opposed to earlier GE connected lights with ZigBee, Z-Wave, or WiFi, give these bulbs the ability to be controlled directly from a smartphone, without the use of a Smart Home hub. C by GE’s features include Smart Grouping, Scene Programming, and future compatibility with the Wink hub. Optimal Design’s deep expertise in wireless technologies made us the ideal partner to integrate an emerging and non-standardized Bluetooth Mesh technology.



  • Firmware development
  • Bluetooth Mesh integration
  • Mobile App design
  • Prototyping


Program Highlights

  • Smart grouping feature for controlling individual and groups of bulbs simultaneously
  • Scene feature to create one-touch buttons to set multiple bulbs to preset values
  • Ability to automatically adjust color temperature on C-Sleep bulb
  • Architecture to include future compatibility with Wink system