Knowles Reveal

Knowles Electronics wanted to showcase their 360 degree MEMS Joystick with an eyecatching and intuitive device. We generated a unique industrial design and leveraged our experience in consumer electronics to optimize the size and functionality. The end result was an innovative solution that delivered an extraordinary user experience.

This concept achieves its goals of having a striking appearance and an “I wanna get my hands on it” appeal with its market relevant aesthetic design as well as the clever lighting functionality and its unique method of showing the possibilities of how thin the joystick can be packaged. The lighting is two fold, first, when the device is turned on, the perforated metal mesh allows a blue light to bleed through as a sign of life indication. The joystick button also lights up and slowly pulses to indicate to the user that it is an interactive touch point. Next, as the user moves the joystick in a 360 degree motion, two race tracks, one on the inner perimeter and one on the outer chase light around in response. This creates an effect that can be seen from 20 ft away and generates a real desire in the observers to want to play with the device themselves.