Leela – Wrist-top Wearable


An Optimal Design original, Leela is a wearable touch screen device that is large enough to be easy to use and slim enough to stay out of the way. Leela is very clever and packs a world of information at your fingertips while leaving your hands free to do what you do best. She can do many different things and works well with a variety of devices and people, such as first responders, logistics and packaging personnel, office administrators and factory workers. Leela’s sleek profile and soft edges ensures she can move around tight spaces without getting caught or slowing anybody down, blending in perfectly wherever she’s needed.



  • Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • RF Engineering
  • Software and Firmware Development
  • Advanced tooling, manufacturing and assembly


Program Highlights

  • Ergonomically curved 5.5 inch LED touch-screen forming a perfect fit around the user’s wrist/forearm
  • Embedded wireless chipsets, including Wi-Fi, BLE, and RFID/NFC
  • Sleek, slim design for unobtrusive and easy integration into daily tasks
  • Advanced performance through high-powered chipsets and components
  • Hardware add-ons, giving the user the ability to plug-and-play for various applications
  • Platform available via Android or iOS, depending on the user’s needs
  • Photo and video modes
  • Scanning capabilities for capturing QR codes, barcodes, etc.
  • IP68 rated
  • Hygienic design and material selection, easy for wiping down and cleaning