The VOID – Virtual Reality



The VOID is a groundbreaking, totally unique virtual reality project like you’ve never seen. The experience features state-of-the-art proprietary hardware and software that overlay a virtual environment onto the real-world around you. Using 4D enhancements and wireless tracking, the user is immediately thrown into an immersive adventure like none other. Optimal Design was hand-picked from a number of competing firms to be the exclusive technology development partner for The VOID and lead all product innovation and R&D activities. Optimal remains as a strategic partner, fully responsible for the Rapture system: custom head mounted display, haptic feedback gun, haptic feedback vest, and integrated high-power computing system.



  • UI/UX
  • Industrial Design
  • Start to Finish Detailed Design
  • Mechanical Engineering (several patents pending)
  • PCB Design and Electrical Engineering
  • Software and Firmware Development
  • Optics Engineering (proprietary)
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Production-Ready Design
  • In-house Manufacturing and Assembly


Program Highlights

  • Head Mounted Display (HMD) optics and lens development
  • Interpupillary and focus adjustment mechanism development
  • Ergonomics and human factors analysis in VR applications
  • Haptic feedback integration development
  • Display integration, driver development and firmware (dual and single display)
  • Head tracking and sensor integration
  • HMD power management for wireless applications
  • Wearable electronics architecture development
  • VR specific Intellectual property development
  • HMD audio integration (Mic and headphone speakers)