Research + Strategy

Have you ever heard the phrase “look before you leap?” At Optimal Design, that’s a key part of our philosophy. We listen to your product development ideas, do the homework necessary to turn those ideas into well-defined product programs, and prepare your product to enter the marketplace with maximum impact and strategic advantage. From market analysis to product concept definition, Optimal Design will help define the right product to win in the marketplace – and make the most out of your product development investment.

Market Analysis

When you’re ready to enter the marketplace with a new product, you may not realize all of the opportunities available to you. Optimal Design’s approach includes a sharp analysis of your intended market, its size and the players involved – but we also dig deeper to uncover underserved markets where your product could also thrive.

Business Case Development

Product volume potential, competitive alternatives/responses and sales and marketing campaigns are the building blocks for developing a business case and making smart decisions. Optimal Design builds channel forecasts and pro-forma financial documents through in-depth market analysis, to deliver decision-making tools that protect and grow your working capital.

Product Definition

Every efficient product development program requires a document that captures the intent, features and detail of the product to be launched. Optimal Design’s product requirements definition process ensures a laser-focused approach that maximizes speed to market at the lowest possible investment.