Software Engineering

Great software is the blueprint that imbues tech products with life. The most elegant hardware is a shell without clean and powerful code that animates it and gives it value for the end user. Our software engineers collaborate closely with our designers and researchers, using the latest technology and know-how to custom design solutions around your product requirements and specific use case. Our software and hardware teams work side-by-side to streamline the development process and support bringing a stronger product to market, faster.

Systems Engineering

  • Requirement Definition & Capture
  • System Architecture Development
  • Test Case & System Verification Plans

Embedded System Design

  • Driver Design & Embedded Firmware
  • Linux & RTOS Development
  • Sensor & Actuation Software Design
  • Wireless Communication Protocols

Mobile App Development

  • iOS & Android Design
  • BLE Beacon Communication & Interaction
  • App Store Readiness Assessment
  • Mobile App Management

Internet of Things

  • Cloud Integration
  • Device Provisioning & Authentication Strategy
  • Smart Home Ecosystems & Voice Services Integration
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Updates
  • Wireless Technology Integration