Optimal Design Leverages #Tech4Good to Shed Light on the Hurricanes in Puerto Rico

Optimal Design Leverages #Tech4Good to Shed Light on the Hurricanes in Puerto Rico

Where there is light, there is hope.

Light brings clarity, illuminates solutions, brightens moods. When Optimal Design saw an opportunity to shed some light on an ongoing battle against Mother Nature in Puerto Rico, we stepped into action. Shortly after Hurricane Maria hit the island at the end of 2017, Optimal Design began sending supplies in the form of generators, portable solar panels, battery banks, personal water purification equipment, and solar lighting. Many residents of the island did not have power for six to seven months after the storm (and have continued to have intermittent power for more than a year).

After seeing all of the devastations that the island of Puerto Rico has endured over the past few years, the link between the OV LED headlamp and those in need was a natural fit. Knowing we had the perfect product for this situation clicked immediately for us and we knew we needed to do something to help. Optimal Design successfully partnered with OV LED to design an inexpensive, lightweight, broad beam headlamp; it was a natural step to send units down to Puerto Rico where they would be appreciated and put to good use. Our first shipment of headlamps was delivered in November of 2018 and was very well received. Recently, after the destructive earthquakes rocked the island, Optimal Design and OV LED sent a representative down to distribute headlamps to the people who lost their homes and were living in makeshift houses and in tents. We also met with FEMA and local officials to provide headlamps and to have conversations about how we could further provide aid and assistance.

The OV LED headlamp is a helpful and practical solution for people living in affected areas for a number of reasons. Since there is no power, many people put the headlamp on at sundown and wear it until they go to sleep. The fact that the headlamp is ultra-lightweight and has a low profile makes it very comfortable and easy to forget you' re wearing it. The OV LED’s replaceable AAA batteries and wide area lighting (generating a significant 300-lumen output) provides convenience and the ability to illuminate large areas, keeping hands free for tasks.

handing out OVLEDS in Puerto Rico

We know that this is just the beginning of a long road to recovery for Puerto Rico. Optimal Design is developing a next-generation headlamp with OV LED, which will be branded " LiteBand by OV LED.” Scheduled to launch this spring, it will boast an increased light output, a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack, a more comfortable form factor and will be water-resistant. Once production units are available, we will work to get additional units distributed to those people in need.

A driving element of our corporate philosophy is “innovate for life.” Donating our time, talent and treasure (in the form of the OV LED headlamp) is another example of how Optimal Design leverages #Tech4Good.

We’re grateful to these individuals for their dedication to the people of Puerto Rico and for their help in distributing the OV LED headlamps: Mayor of Yauco — Angel Luis Torres-Ortiz FEMA Representatives — Cecilia Veleze and Michael Guditus Onsite Puerto Rico Optimal Design Team — Elisamuel Caraballo and Noel Torres

Joe Wascow is the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Optimal Design Co.