The Sound of Innovation

The Sound of Innovation

Walking into the Optimal Design offices, a subtle shushing noise fills the air. The sound is gentle enough that you may not even notice it. But, if you do, what you’re hearing is a white noise generator.

White noise is a humming sound, similar to one produced by an air conditioner. It is a combination of all of the different sound frequencies that you are able to hear. makes a continuous “Shh” sound.

A study done by the Journal of Consumer Research stated that white noise can positively affect creativity. The lulling sound helps keep our mind on what is important: designing amazing products. This is especially important in a workspace like ours where there are many different projects going on at once. The white noise also creates a calming effect that slightly drowns out the work place disturbances.

Not only does the white noise keep sound from traveling from desk to desk, but it keeps our sounds inside of our office. So much of what we do must be kept confidential until we are ready to release it to the world. By having this white noise circulate, we can keep our clients’ secrets inside of our walls.

White noise helps us be more creative and our client’s projects confidential. Just another way we are advancing human ability.

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Joe Wascow, Co-Founder & CMO