Watchfire Introduces New 12mm LED Sign Product

Watchfire Introduces New 12mm LED Sign Product

One of Optimal Design’s recent projects debuted at the USCC’s Sign World International show.  Check out the article below:

At USSC’s Sign World International, we are unveiled our new 12mm LED sign product by drowning it.

Like all of our other sign modules, the new 12mm can operate in extreme conditions. To say that the thick bed of silicone gel seals out “moisture” would be an understatement. Our rigorous testing process includes 180 consecutive days of submersion, so a few days in an aquarium at a trade show in Atlantic City? It’s a walk in the park.

To our long-time dealers, submersion is not really news. You expect fully-encapsulated modules from Watchfire. You expect products that stand up to the elements, look great, and perform reliably for years. You expect innovation, and we intend to deliver.

The new 12mm has been engineered to achieve the perfect balance of quality, brightness and energy efficiency.  It features through-hole technology, no small feat when you consider how tight the pixels are at 12mm. At an optimal brightness of 7500 NITs, it produces images 1.5 times brighter than surface mount models. It bears the UL Energy Efficiency Certified “Green Leaf” label, and uses on average about a third of the maximum amperage service requirement. Compared to LED sign products of comparable pixel pitch, it will consume less energy and therefore cost less to operate.

As we introduce this new product line, we are also looking toward the future. Our 12mm modules use a 12” by 12” form factor, the same as our 9mm signs, which makes upgrading a possibility. Module edges are also beveled, making the 12mm perfect for curved installations. It has been designed for up-close viewing, comes standard with our XVS option, and would be a great choice for installations where attracting the attention of foot-traffic is a priority.

So, even though it just debuted today, the Watchfire 12mm already sleeps with the fishes. Kinda. We don’t actually put fish in the aquarium – they don’t last long enough.

Visit us at USSC in Atlantic City today in booth 200 to view the new 12mm LED sign from Watchfire, or download product specs from our website.

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