Mechanical Engineering

Our team of mechanical engineers has decades of experience, from concept development to troubleshooting manufacturing processes, and everything in between. We work closely with you to deliver robust and innovative mechanical designs that fit your specific business case.

Our experience includes consumer, industrial, and medical industries, making us an ideal product development partner. Moreover, Optimal Design, a Deloitte business, is an innovation leader in mobile device and tablet engineering having developed numerous cutting-edge and award-winning designs.

Measure twice; cut once. Predictive analysis tools give us a unique ability to anticipate failures and focus on the strength of our designs – allowing us to shorten development time and save costs. Additionally, where many firms’ deliverables end with CAD files, we pursue ‘the why’ – then provide smart, innovative solutions as answers.

Concept Design

  • Brainstorming & Concept Ideation
  • Mechanical Requirements Development
  • Early Concept Feasibility & Costing Analysis
  • Proof of Concept Rapid Prototyping

Mechanical Development

  • Complex Mechanism Design and Process Strategy
  • Design for Manufacturability & Assembly
  • Electrical Hardware & Software Integration
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process Strategy
  • Water-Resistant and Ruggedized Enclosure Design

Product Optimization

  • DFMEA/PFMEA Studies
  • FEA, Thermal, and Tolerance Analysis
  • Tooling & Mold Flow Optimization
  • Test & Assembly Fixture Design