The best product won’t scale without a sound strategy; passion drives our approach to digital transformation and disruption. Whether you’re focused on wireless, mobile, wearables, virtual reality or the Internet of Things, our team of industry-leading experts is involved early in our interconnected, collaborative process to ensure your transformative products drive revenue growth.

We begin with assessments and development, working in tandem with your teams, to identify and define market opportunities for your concept or project. From there, we recommend the appropriate technologies for your specific application, cost targets, data and cloud connectivity, and monetization strategies.

Optimal Design also provides a complete concept-to-deployment plan and schedule, providing your executive team with the full picture to digitally transform your products and services. Next, our vertically integrated design, engineering, prototyping and deployment teams go to work.

Strategy implementation can range anywhere from two weeks up to several months depending on the business complexity and scope; but rest assured, Optimal Design accelerates speed to market. Our teams collaborate under one roof, leveraging the latest technology, and take full accountability for every phase of the process.

Technology Roadmapping

  • Emerging Technology Investigation
  • Technology Business Case Validation
  • Platform Architecture

Digital Transformation

  • IoT Digital Path Strategy
  • IoT Business Case Creation & Validation
  • Data Monetization Strategy Design
  • Ecosystem Vendor Selection

Intellectual Property Strategy

  • IP Investigation and Risk Assessment
  • Patent Circumvention Assistance
  • Management and Support of Patent Filing
  • Over 250 Strategic Patents Filed on Behalf of Our Clients

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