Pregis Quantum XT Paper System


The Pregis Quantum XT paper system was rigorously redesigned for cost reduction, improved UI/UX and product aesthetics, and integrated wireless security technologies. Optimal Design successfully reduced the cost of each unit by over 50% and engineered an innovative new way to identify and track the type of paper used. The result? Increased sales and profits, enhanced usability, improved functionality, and peace of mind knowing that a Pregis paper product is being utilized in every Quantum XT machine.


Previously designed by a third party manufacturer, an emphasis was not placed on quality or cost. Pregis needed a way to reduce overall component and build cost, improve quality, and integrate wireless tracking and security features. Not only did Optimal Design meet (and exceed) all deliverable targets, a sophisticated tracking system was developed specifically for the Quantum XT.


Requiring all the services of Optimal Design, advanced expertise was utilized for heavy innovation and value-engineering activities. Cost effective components were selected and sub-systems designed for a more robust product with much-improved operating run time. By capitalizing on the power of Optimal Design’s internal collaboration capabilities, machine downtime was reduced and overall higher Pregis revenues were generated.

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