Optimal Design Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 for Singer Sewing Machine

Optimal Design Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 for Singer Sewing Machine

Selected from record-breaking number of submissions, Optimal Design is the stand out global winner for its fresh, innovative design of an old classic.

(Arlington Heights, IL) Award winning product development and tech consulting firm Optimal Design announced today they have made global headlines with their Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 for the industrial design and styling of the Singer SE300 sewing machine.

“We couldn’t be more proud,” says Joe Wascow, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at Optimal Design. “To be among the best global brands as one of the most innovative product designers in the world is truly an honor.” The prestige of the award is based on the sheer number of participants (in 2015, the Awards received 4,680 entries from 61 countries, by 285 design institutions, 400 companies, and 3,197 designers), but also on the privileges bestowed upon the winners. The Red Dot Award winners are exhibited in three leading design museums across the world: in Essen (Germany), Taipei (Taiwan), and Singapore. It is one of the most significant awards in the professional design world today.

“This kind of recognition has been a long time dream of ours,” explains Wascow. “We pride ourselves to be a company who innovates for life: for our clients, their customers, our employees, the world. Innovation has no limits and neither do we.”

Such a high honor for such a simple product doesn’t surprise Wascow. “There’s no such thing as too simple. Simplicity is the byproduct of complexity and innovation. If you approach industrial design as a silhouette with a story you’re going to achieve far better results. Know the story and you can create a product that clicks.” And click it does. The Singer sewing machine is poised to continue representing the spirit of practical design and creative innovation that the brand is known for.

Patrick McVey, Optimal’s Lead Industrial Designer explains it well, “The story of the Singer SE300 is one of friendship, not utility. It is not the typical boxy machine you might expect. Its soft edges and creases frame the surface and give it personality and motion. Our design establishes a beautiful silhouette from every angle with controls that are easy to use and easy to love. In the end, it’s a friendly companion you can enjoy for decades.”

Expect to see a lot more of the Singer SE300 sewing machine in 2016 and Optimal Design. Wascow says it best, “This award is only the beginning of what we can achieve. We are so grateful for the Red Dot recognition and look forward to creating more of Life’s Innovations.”